‘Family businesses are a good fit with us’

The Netherlands has more than 277,000 family businesses which form the backbone and the jobs engine of our economy. Large, small, well-known, less well-known, young, old, progressive or traditional, they are usually wonderful businesses with a great deal of history and a high standard of entrepreneurship. What they also almost all have in common is the enormous personal engagement in and passion for enterprise.

‘And we have a passion for everything to do with enterprise too’, says Guido de Wit of the law firm named after him. ‘We are no fly-by-night firm that does a quick case and moves on, but an extension and confidant, as well as a sounding board for the entrepreneur. That’s why family businesses fit very well with us and why our clientele already includes a substantial number of them. You often see that in family businesses, matters are arranged and discussed on a basis of trust and casualness. That is absolutely one of their charms, but it can also be an Achilles heel. If real problems arise somewhere, not all family businesses are properly prepared for that. As a specialist in the most common fields of law that companies have to deal with, we are able to detect, counter or prevent both the reasons for and the consequences of legal omissions and problems.’

Strengthening the business foundations
The Guido de Wit law firm guides its clients through the complex business world which is full of challenges and opportunities, but unfortunately, also increasingly full of pitfalls and obstacles. ‘Matters such as contracts, proceedings and disputes, restructuring and reorganisations, mergers and acquisitions are very familiar terrain for us’, he continues. ‘With our dedication, we not only strengthen the business foundations but also manage time and time again, through a professional view and a sharp eye on business, to save or earn money for an entrepreneur.’

‘Expert, effective and resolute.’

The basis of every alliance that the Guido de With law firm enters into is an intensive survey of the business and the entrepreneur in question and a precise analysis of the situation. ‘Our motto here is always “an advisor where possible, a lawyer when necessary.”’ For to us, what also matters is to help the entrepreneurs in further professionalising their business. Expert, effective and resolute.’

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