Expertise, engagement and drive

Doing business with the Guido de Wit law firm means being part of our expertise, engagement, drive and passion to make your case our case. Whether this concerns corporate restructuring, support for an acquisition, purchase or sale, making a business successful or putting it on the right track, the Guido de Wit law firm ensures a sound and reliable business foundation on the basis of which entrepreneurs can do business in freedom, with as few legal obstacles as possible on the route to success.

The Guido de Wit law firm works for commercial clients only. They know where to find us. For large, complex cases such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and shareholder disputes, as well as for complex procedures and commercial contracts. The Guido de Wit law firm is no outsider who handles a quick case once in a while, but an extension and confidant of every ambitious entrepreneur that runs up against barriers, pitfalls or obstacles in the dynamic business world. Every alliance, whether preventive or procedural, therefore involves an intensive survey of the relevant business and entrepreneur, with a precise analysis of the situation. For the aim is more than just to solve a legal conflict. The Wit-effect leads to a higher level of enterprise, with all the attendant advantages. The key words here are creativity, engagement and a winner’s mentality.

Contrast as a strong business model
An advisor where possible, in order to avoid conflicts, and a lawyer when necessary. It is precisely this apparent contrast that is the distinctive foundation of the Guido de Wit law firm and that strengthens our business model, based on the excellent knowledge of company law and related fields of law with which a business can become involved. With Guido de Wit as the foremost strategist, the office is able to detect, counter or prevent the reasons for and the consequences of legal omissions and problems. The focus lies here on all possible legal points for attention/domains, such as personnel, everything to do with managing directors and major shareholders, business conditions, real estate and finance. With this, the Guido de Wit law firm offers entrepreneurs the freedom and independence to be able to excel and devote their energies to the development of the business and its relations.

As a client-driven yet critical ‘trusted advisor’ with a high affinity for enterprise and personal engagement in every case, the Guido de Wit law firm, with Guido de Wit as its figurehead, offers high added value for large to medium-sized enterprises and family businesses.

Working method
Although every case calls for a customised service, our working method is based on a fixed and recognisable procedure. A team of at least two lawyers/assistants is assigned to every case, under the personal supervision of Guido de Wit. In this way, all the specialised expertise needed for a case is brought together in a good way. These smart variable (always changing) triangles make the office flexible and give clients the assurance that the right qualities of the firm are always linked to a case with the aim of achieving the best conceivable result. The teams hold regular meetings and there are no restrictive barriers between the groups. All lawyers hold the highest qualifications in their own fields of law and all the necessary post-graduate degrees are represented in-house, so that cases can be handled to the highest possible quality standards. Furthermore, in this way there is always a point of contact for the entrepreneur.

No sidetracking or unnecessary delays in cases. Perfectionist, professional, surprising and customer-friendly. Close by, personal, honest and with integrity. The lawyer in business with the highest possible dedication and drive.

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