In the courtroom, we are a rock for our clients, the psychologist who coaches the tensions …

The road to court is and always will remain exceptional. For you, because it is not a day-to-day matter and entails a fair amount of tension. For us, because we then open all our professional bags to achieve the best result for our client.

Our clients are key and that is why the Guido de Wit law firm leaves absolutely nothing to chance. We pay attention to every detail and aim for the perfect action, because our goal is always to win the case. In every action, we are a rock for our clients, but also a psychologist who coaches the tension.

‘To us, it’s about winning.’

Good preparation of every aspect is half the work. Naturally, that is why we ensure that the legal documents and other formalities are in perfect order. The written summary of our arguments is well-presented in every detail and forms the basis of our strategy. The shoes are polished, the toga fits and our hair is well groomed. Once in court, we are right where we belong. We understand our profession, the psychology and the tension that this environment causes and are able to switch quickly and shine in every situation: resolute, shrewd and alert.

Investing in legal top quality pays

Thanks to our distinctive approach, we are able to bring almost all cases to a good or satisfactory ending for our clients. The fact that we often manage to save our clients a great deal of money here places the investment in our services in the right perspective: legal top quality costs, but usually also gains a multiple of that amount.

Proceedings commenced by a summons: how do they work?

In order to show you how proceedings commenced by a summons work and what the successive steps are, we have put this all on paper for you in detail. This also provides an insight into the time path of such proceedings, so that you know what happens both in court and behind the scenes, and how long this usually takes. We also know better than anyone that entrepreneurs like to settle matters quickly, but sometimes, proceedings commenced by a summons can also appear to come to a standstill for a while. Keeping informed about the background creates more understanding, fewer questions and less stress.

If you are or will be dealing with proceedings commenced by a summons, then download our detailed description of the procedure free of charge via the link below. But of course, you are welcome to call too. We will then be happy to discuss with you what the Guido de Wit law firm can do for you in such a situation.

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